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Looking for something specific?


Will you make custom pieces to coordinate with outfits, bridesmaids gowns etc?

Absolutely! Just send a photograph and outline what you need and the details that are important to you. I will get back to you with a design and price quote within a few days.


I saw an item I really liked but it is in gold and I only wear silver. Can you make me something very similar in silver?

I can usually make very similar, if not identical pieces, in another metal. I can also do the same but change the type of stone (pearl or crystal). Contact me via e-mail or call me to discuss!


I really like one of your pairs of earrings. But I only wear posts and this earring is on a wire. Can you change the wire to a post?

95% of the time the answer is YES. Most of my earrings can be changed from post to wire or wire to post. Just place the order and request the type fitting you prefer. I can usually make the change for a $5 charge.


Are your earring wires / posts real gold / silver / copper?

Most of my earrings are made with silver or gold plated fittings. If you can only wear sterling silver or gold plated earring wires / posts, let me know in the special instructions section and I will make sure I send you with earrings with the properly plated fittings.


I see a necklace I want but it is long, 28 inches and I wanted it in a 20 inch length. Can you re-string it to 20 inches?

Yes, 95% of the time I can make necklaces longer or shorter. Shortening is only a $5 charge. Lengthening depends on the cost of the materials. I would charge you for any added stones / beads and only $5 for the labor. I can always just add metal links near the clasp to lengthen to keep it to the $5 charge.


Do you use any plastic beads / imitation stones?

I very rarely use anything other than semi-precious stones, glass, pearls, metals or wood. On a rare occasion I many find a hand painted bead that appears to be “none of the above” and find it so appealing and unique that I will incorporate the beads into a piece. One other exception is that I sometimes use metal plated beads to keep the weight of the bead light, especially for earrings.  In other words, the core of the bead could be wood or plastic or some other light material and then bead is plated with a gold, bronze or silver color metal.


Are any of your pieces all sterling silver?

Occasionally I make an item that is 100% sterling silver or 100% real copper, but often don’t to keep the prices of my items down. If an item is all sterling silver, the description of the item will indicate that. Sometimes a portion of a piece is sterling silver. Again, that would be indicated in the description.  I can always create custom pieces out of sterling silver.